The Financial Career of Scott Herckis

November 25, 2017
As is the case for every financial advisor and specialist, their journey always begins and ends with education. First, they get education for themselves and then they pass on everything they have learned to their clients. That means they can’t ever stop learning. Scott Herckis earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin a while back, but that is not all of his education, by any means, He also learned and passed the CPA exam while he was working with the Audit and Assurance Department at Arthur Andersen, which he did for five years. In that time, he worked with all types of clients, including huge corporate clients like Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes.
Scott Herckis
Even after he left Arthur Andersen, he continued to increase his profile in the accounting and finance arenas, working as an executive with companies in the fashion and apparel industries, first as a controller, then as a Vice President of Finance, and finally, as a Chief Executive Officer, or CFO.